November 2009 - Level 3 Inspection

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Biomedical Part Inspection

Orthopedic implant devices are some of the most challenging parts to inspect using traditional methods; until now. Level 3 Inspection can use White Light Scanning (WLS) with computer-aided-inspection (CAI) to compare the device to the CAD model, other devices and the product die or mould as applicable. This technology gives our customers a new and profound insight into the size shape and geometric conformance of their devices that they have never had before. By inspecting the entire surface of these devices Level 3 can help their customers significantly reduce errors, control quality and dimensional consistency.
Level 3 Inspection’s SmartCompare and SmartFAI process gives their customers the ability to identify problems with a particular area of the part and focus efforts to improve problem areas without spending time and resources on areas that are known to be conforming. This is especially helpful when dealing with critical medical components, such as implants and broaches or rasps. The ability to quickly compare the product to the nominal CAD model as well as the ability to compare the products from multiple lots gives Level 3 Inspection’s customers an advantage in regard to quality control and time to market.
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