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Press Release – BDB Welcomes Level 3 Inspection to Martin County

Business Development Board Welcomes New Company to Martin County

Level3Inspection brings world-class inspection facility to Stuart
Published Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:00 am

STUART, FL (January 26, 2010) – The Business Development Board of Martin County (BDBMC) is pleased to welcome Level 3 Inspection (L3I) to Martin County. The company, founded in 2008, has moved in to new professional lab space in the Sawgrass Business Center in Stuart.
L3I currently employs six with an annual average wage of over $70,000 annually. This move to Martin County positions them to hire 33 additional employees over three years at an average wage of $58,000 annually. The company is expected to invest up to $900,000 in taxable property improvements, furniture, fixtures and advanced digital measurement and inspection equipment.
Commissioner Patrick Hayes referred the company to BDBMC for assistance. BDBMC staff worked closely with company leadership to make the company’s transition seamless.
“The business advantages of expanding to Martin County were numerous, and include the new pro-business stance of the BDB and County Commission” stated Bill Greene, L3I’s Founding Director and VP of Business Development. “These preferential advantages also include being closer to many of our aerospace and precision manufacturing clients, being more convenient for some of our employees who already live in or want to move to Martin County, and the economic advantages of lower costs of doing business. Additionally, we are a very ‘green’ company, being literally and completely paperless, and we found a solar-powered office facility to further enhance our environmental interests.”
“There is a good talent base of prospective employees to support our growth in Martin County,” added Scott McAfee, L3I’s Founding Director and VP of Engineering Services. ‘With our organizational expansion and need for both digital competency and precision manufacturing engineering proficiency, we have found Martin County a good resource base, and a good place to invite people to relocate to.”
Level 3 Inspection performs 3D White Light Scanning (WLS) and Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) services for the highest precision manufactured products and production tooling. L3I leads the worldwide dimensional inspection industry with its 21st century measurement and inspection technologies, which is uses to produce the most comprehensive and highly accurate dimensional quality inspection reports for demanding requirements in turbine engine, aerospace, biomedical, and other industries.
“We are pleased that Level 3 Inspection has chosen to expand their business to Martin County, especially with their deep technical roots in aerospace and turbine engines.” said Ron Bunch, executive director of the Business Development Board of Martin County. “We think they will find a synergy here among our existing aerospace and other precision-oriented business sectors. L3I has prospered and grown dramatically through very challenging market conditions, and BDBMC looks forward to continuing to help L3I grow as they move forward in our County.”

For more information about Level3Inspection, please visit the company’s website: http://www.level3inspection.com.

About the BDBMC
The Business Development Board of Martin County is the county’s official economic development organization, and Enterprise Florida, Inc. partner. More information about the organization can be found by visiting www.bdbmc.org.  

IGT Part Inspection

IGT Part Inspection

More, better, faster is probably the mantra of every manufacturer, especially as it applies to quality inspection.

Level 3 Inspection has found a solution to the more-faster-better inspection dilemma. The company has developed a SmartFAI process that combines White Light Scanning (WLS) with computer-aided-inspection (CAI).

The combination gives Level 3 the ability to perform more comprehensive inspections on parts in a shorter amount of time. The First Article Inspection SmartFAI process involves verifying every feature on the part by comparing it to a customer-supplied part print and 3D CAD model. First-article inspections are done prior to full production release and often while a part is in development.
The Level 3 approach replaces traditional plate inspection or a CMM system with WLS, which can capture and calculate precise 3D coordinates for millions of points in seconds.
Contact us today to start getting superior inspection results in shorter time with easier understanding leading to higher confidence

Press Release – 100% Compliance to New ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100

Level 3 Inspection Achieves 100% Compliance to New ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Certification

JUPITER, Fla., Jan. 6, 2010 — Level 3 Inspection LLC (L3I) is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the Quality Management System (QMS) re-certification by meeting or exceeding all of the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 Revision B Certification under the new updated standards of the global quality and aerospace standards. L3I again passed their ISO/AS audit with 100% compliance and zero non-compliance issues.
Throughout the last year of utilizing the company’s embedded QMS, and with the proper management reviews, Vice President of Quality & Engineering Scott McAfee led the refinement of the comprehensive QMS documentation for procedures and processes that covered the entire L3I business offerings. McAfee elected to create the company’s QMS system completely online (with proper login security), for ready access from anywhere, enhanced ease of editing and use, and because the company is strongly promoting its “green” initiatives, which include being a completely paperless business enterprise.
In late December 2008, the initial QMS audit was performed over the course of the two-day comprehensive evaluation. The company, its QMS system, and its implementation/usage of the system all received the 100% compliance rating.
In November 2009, the company again met with their auditor to review the completeness, correctness, and compliance of the original QMS. L3I’s management team, led by McAfee, held their annual management meeting to review both the QMS system and the actual documented results from implemented procedures for the hundreds of projects they have completed over the past year. Yet again, all aspects of this quality system received the 100% compliance rating.
“This world-class international quality standard was important to us and our clients for our immediate business expansion plans,” said Bill Greene, Vice President of Business Development. “There are several prospects and clients in the aerospace, orthopedic, and other industries that require the ISO certification in order to qualify to engage in business. We wanted to exceed that standard and get our AS certification while we were at it, since this market is so diligent and conscientious,” continued Mr. Greene.
L3I’s updated certificate, which includes applicability to Computer Aided Quality Inspection, Product Modernization, CAD Modeling and Reverse Engineering, is posted on their web site, http://www.level3inspection.com, along with the compliment of their other qualifications and certifications for excellence in performing their dimensional and geometric inspection services business. Further background on the company, its professional technical services, and its leadership role in the field of White Light Scanning (WLS) and Computer Aided Inspection (CAI), and their other 21st century measurement and inspection, technologies, services, systems, and solutions are also available on the company’s web site, or by calling 888-4AS-9102 x102.
Bill Greene
Founding Director & VP Business Development
Level 3 Inspection LLC
E: bill@level3inspection.com
T: 561.775.7911