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21st Century Measurement Technology Turnkey Systems

5 Axis Robotic WLS System

  • Scanner Adaptability: Universal
  • Orientation: Left-hand or right-hand configurations
  • Arm Radius: 375mm
  • X/Y Axes Travel: 400mm each
  • Vertical Z Axis (Elevator) Travel: 300mm
  • Rotational Axis: 360° continuous
  • Table Diameter: 500mm
  • System Weight (without camera): 750 lbs
  • Table Payload Capacity: 500 lbs standard, 1000 lbs optional
  • Camera Weights: Up to 50 lbs
  • Electrical: 110-120V/20 Amp max./1φ/50-60Hz AC

  • Robust, simple, cost effective robotic design
  • Rapid setup, designed for shop floor portability
  • Exclusive inward-looking, semi-spherical scanning envelope: true line of-sight
  • “Teach-Pendent” programmability streamlines repetitive parts inspection
  • Automated scan patch registration—no need for closed-loop feedback
  • Rapid 3D scanning of complex surface geometries
  • Improves the reproducibility of any scanning instrument
  • Complete Turnkey Systems Available
  • 5 Axis Robot
  • White Light Scanner or your choice
  • Custom configured hardware and software


    21st Century Measurement Technology Turnkey Systems

    WLS System

    3D digitizing in revolutionary shape: With the 5750 sensor, Level 3 Inspection is presenting a system perfectly fitting the steadily growing application requirements from the industry, in particular for product development and quality control. COMET5 combines unique performance and ease of use making it the ideal solution for demanding applications.

    Based on industry-proven foundations, the 5750 with its innovative projection technology reaches new performance levels for high-speed measurements. This is enabling the data acquisition in the digitization process to be completed in 1/6th of the time which is a deciding advantage when measuring in rough industrial environments prone to vibration.
    The consequent utilization of the latest PC hardware and software technologies (parallel processing, 64 bit operating system and application software) further more enables an extremely fast post-processing of the measured data.
    5750 is designed for applications in the most diverse areas of industry: Variable fields of view and a modular sensor concept allow for digitizing objects of a vast variety of sizes with highest precision.
    • Quality Control / Inspection
      • Comparison of actual data with nominal data (part to CAD)
      • Boundary/edge extraction (measurement of sheet-metal parts)
      • Serial inspection in production (manual/automated)
    • Quality Control / Inspection
      • Tool reconstruction
      • Scan data for generation of milling tool paths
      • Documentation of actual 3D data at tool release
    • Design
      • Scanning of design models for further processing of CAD data, documentation
    • Rapid Manufacturing
      • Acquisition of 3D data for Rapid Prototyping
    • Reverse Engineering
    • 3D Scanning
      • Scanning of art/historical objects, archaeology
    • Medical technical applications, etc.