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Orthopedic Myth #3 — “We’ll never need that much data.”

Level 3 Inspection:
Dispelling Myths, Educating Manufacturers, Restoring Competitiveness

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The Smart Inspection Station™ (SiS™) is completely configurable for accurate, comprehensive, fast and automated dimensional inspection of precision manufactured parts.  Let the L3I engineers address your needs and design a solution for your application.

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Myths Debunked

Most orthopedic companies have yet to catch onto the successes now enjoyed by other precision manufacturers, and are still wasting too much time and money on obsolete 20th-century inspection methods and equipment.

Whichever orthopedic companies are the earliest to adopt modern 21st-century quality inspection methods will gain enormous advantage and likely come to dominate this industry, as we have seen in other industries.

Level 3 Inspection is issuing a series of educational emails intended to address a few of the cherished myths and assumptions that have kept the orthopedic industry in the comfortable past — till now.

Myth #3

“We’ll never need that much data.”

That’s where we come in.

The Problem

Cognizant of the pressing needs of the medical device industry, as practitioners applying these technologies for over a decade, Level 3 Inspection’s professionals know how to select the kernels of information that are most important to accelerating the optimization of manufacturing processes and solving complex production problems with these tools.

The result of our work is a turnkey inspection solution that can yield any desired level of detail in a matter of minutes, from a simple PASS/FAIL result to a full dimensional inspection report form, accurate, comprehensive, fast, and automated.

We Heard You!

L3I recognizes that today’s precision manufacturers are always subjected to the pressure of time. Precision results with speed is the financial and competitive demand. With that insight and mandate, we’ve integrated WLS & CAI into several appropriate points in steps of precision manufacturing process optimization. We are reducing time to market (TTM) while retaining a wide-angle view that allows our solution clients to continually improve their processes.  Some of our clients have already experienced a more than 90% reduction in inspection report evaluation time, as a cost-savings component advantage.

With the comprehensive but intuitive results, we’ve flipped the traditional FIT -> FORM -> FUNCTION paradigm onto its head.  Knowing that they can have absolute confidence in inspection results, our adopting clients are refining their approach according to a 21st-Century model of product development.  This has effectively reduced time to market (TTM) by 30% or more, improved product quality with lower risk, increased reliability, reduced costs, and made our clients more competitive under the exacting pressures of precision manufacturing.

The SiS™ is now available to be custom-configured to meet the needs of forward-thinking orthopedic manufacturers.  Call us today to learn how to get your SiS solution on its way.

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