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Quality, Speed, Price: Pick Three

Read L3I’s latest BONEZONE article:
“Quality, Speed, Price: Pick Three”
We’ve done it again.

L3I’s CEO Bill Greene was featured in December 2011’s BONEZONE, a major orthopedic trade journal.  This time, Mr. Greene explains how modern, 21st century best dimensional inspection practices can help U.S.-based medical device manufacturers remain globally competitive.
A few excerpts:
“Engineering misjudgments of mere microns can necessitate an expensive recall. Modern computer aided inspection and analysis software can instantly ascertain geometric surface information, discern trends and catch new problems as they arise — before they begin to cost time and money.”
“By removing human interference, the SiS can create part scan files in as little as three minutes … Even if 100% inspection is required because of regulatory considerations, robotic part handling makes it practical. Quite soon, those costly inspection cells filled with dozens of workers … will be a memory.”

“An orthopaedic product revision had endured 18 successive process iterations, aided and abetted by an inspection team using optical comparators, CMMs and fixed gauges. We finished the product revision in only two iterations. If you’re doing the math, that’s better than an 85% reduction in cycles, and weeks. It’s time to relegate wasteful iterations to the ash heap of history.”

“Accurate and comprehensive geometric data allow engineers to diagnose and solve problems that might have vexed them for years. At least as important is the opportunity to incrementally streamline production based on real-time insights, which can then be driven back into the process to create a cost-effective production measurement plan.”

Read the full text of Mr. Greene’s paper here.
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