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The New Product Life Cycle

The New Product Life Cycle

Make CAI Part of the Product Life Cycle to gain a market advantage by making better parts faster.

Over the past few weeks a success story we are part of has been circulating around the quality and design web space.
This got me thinking; making CAI part of product life cycle is a small adjustment with potentially huge ROI.

Reduce product development cycle using CAI at specific points of high return in your existing process.

  • Reduce iterations by understanding your prototype parts entire geometry
  • Drive data obtained directly back into design
  • Run FEA on as built parts for design substantiation

  • Reduce cycle time through visualization of collected data in color coded conformance/deviation map (SmartCompare)
  • Build on knowledge gained in design phase to create a focused test plan
  • Identify problem areas in the process early and solve to root cause quickly with easily understood and quantifiable results by following a part or group of parts, collecting data at each step of the process

First Article (lot)
  • Define process capability limits
  • Formulate focused production inspection plans justified by CAI data
  • Get quantifiable data quickly for changes in process (operator, tooling, etc.)
  • Validate process
  • Low PPL sampling to trend areas of concern over time using CAI in addition to traditional methods
  • Evaluate tool wear quickly by inspecting tooling at known intervals


  • Substantiate design and manufacturing process with easily interpretable, visual reports – validation
  • Use data gained from CAI to support limited but focused production inspection plans

This strategy builds confidence into the process by eliminating traditional “blind spots”.

Gain insight into your actual process limits and yield from a geometric overview rather than a point check perspective.

Make decisions faster, based on more, better data.

Reduce time to market and retain first mover advantage

Reduce or eliminate rework costs by identifying problems and solving them to root cause early in the process.

Get started today, the only regret you’ll have is not starting sooner!