December 2013 - Level 3 Inspection

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Smart Inspection Systems

Since the SiS was a concept we drew on a legal pad in our conference room I have believed that it could have a significant impact on repetitive inspections like capability studies. It can help validate a process and implement statistical process control.
In June of 2009 we built our first SiS and sent it to our Warsaw, Indiana operation where it did some inspection work but mostly demonstrations until it was eventually sold in 2011. Since the sale of that unit, we have built several more customer units but have been without our own system for daily use. 
In August of 2013 we built the first unit of the second generation SiS, it can fit through a standard eight foot doorway and plug into a single 110v outlet. This new unit sits three feet from my desk and I am impressed, I know I’m supposed to be… But we bought into our own ideas about limitations. Since I have access to it 24/7 now, I’ve thrown every type of part at it and it has performed beyond my expectations. We have also been working on design changes to increase the work envelope while maintaining point density as well as building in an adjustment for different lens sets and our own robotics. In addition to hardware upgrades in the works, we are writing the SiS software in house, from scratch. 
In early 2014 we will roll out, the most robust and stable automated 3D scanning and Computer Aided Inspection system in the world. The software will be more stable, the hardware will be skillfully integrated and the performance will be ultra-fast.
This isn’t a 3D scanner, it’s not a data analysis system, it’s not a cool robot; it’s all of those things, with a singular purpose: getting shit done.