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Production Parts Inspection
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Fast and Accurate Layouts Increase Production Throughput
Improve your process throughput with precision inspection. With our substantial advances in Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) automation, integration and domain expertise our superior layout results are faster than ever. Gain the competitive edge from inspection comprehensiveness with millions of surface data points, accuracies certified to millionths of an inch, and the confidence these adventageous results can provide clients. These are the tools we use and benefits we provide at Level 3 Inspection.
We sell speed! Specifically, we provide superior dimensional quality inspection results faster than any other inspection method.
How do we do it? We offer production parts inspection with our automated Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) technologies. The CAI Pros at Level 3 Inspection want to perform your production inspection on parts up to 8” in dimension and we’re ready to make attractive pricing partnership deals for repeat and higher volume parts inspections that fit this work envelope.
Let us accelerate your product and business. Call us today (772) 405-7502 for a quote, tell us when you need the results, and be prepared to be amazed at how fast we can deliver. Let’s explore relieving your inspection department backlog with our advanced, advantageous, and fast repeat CAI capabilities. 
Bill Greene

Bill Greene – CEO
3D Scanning & Computer Aided Inspection Master Practitioners,
Metallurgical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers,
Precision Manufacturing Process Engineers

T: 772.405.7502

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