Technologies - Level 3 Inspection


Structured-light 3D scanners project a pattern of light on the subject and look at the deformation of the pattern on the subject. The pattern is projected onto the subject using either an LED projector or other stable light source. A camera, offset slightly from the pattern projector, looks at the shape of the pattern and calculates the distance of every point in the field of view. Non-contact white light measurement systems collect data much faster than CMMs. It is common to collect tens of thousands of points per second. With massive amounts of data being transmitted to a computer for processing, software based on complex mathematics and sophisticated algorithms must be used to interpolate the data quickly.

CAI aims to remove the bottleneck of dimensioning verification in the manufacturing process. It is not intended to replace metrology, but rather to introduce a faster and easier process for directly comparing as-built parts with their 3D CAD definition. There are two widely used non-contact measurement systems for CAI: 3D scanners and laser trackers. 3D scanners are commonly used for range finding. They work by projecting a laser beam onto an object and measuring its reflected image with a positioning sensor. 3D scanners are fast and can be mounted onto an existing CMM.

At Level 3 Inspection, we understand, the development and maintenance of expertise in any domain requires extensive, sustained practice of the necessary skills. However, the quantity of time spent is not the only factor in achieving expertise; the quality of this time is at least as important. The development and maintenance of expertise requires extensive time dedicated specifically to the improvement of skills, an activity termed deliberate practice. At level 3 Inspection we use our tools in new and innovative ways, all day every day and our employees are challenged to be the world leaders in Computer Aided Inspection and 3D Scanning. While most companies tend to favor well-entrenched activities and practices, at Level 3 Inspection we are always striving to be the very best through a solid foundation in the principles of our business and the strong desire to innovate. We employ the most experienced and competent people in this field; and our lean staff have a combined experience of well over 100 years in a field of emerging technology.