Testimonials and Publications - Level 3 Inspection

Testimonials and Publications

Studies have proved that the Level 3 Inspections system and method of inspection for implants is as accurate, or better than our CMMs. Since the white light scanning processes have the required accuracy and can cover so much more of the feature surface, their data is a more accurate representation of the feature true size and form.”

I.H., Metrology Director, Orthopaedic OEM

“Relative to the results L3I is providing, the current CMM and optical comparator are only a small improvement over guesswork.”

K.J., Mfg. Engineer, Orthopaedic OEM

“If you know me then you know that I rarely offer endorsements or recommendations. Well, Level 3 (Bill Greene & Company) will be one of those rare times; an exception. Bill is a man of character and, in kind, surrounds himself with associates of that same caliber. Bill, and Scott McAfee, are consummate professionals and, in my opinion, are the industry leaders, and experts, in their chosen technologies.”

H. S., QA Manager at Aerospace Foundry

“Thank you for all of the support. Our view of what our process is yielding has increased dramatically thanks to what you have been able to show us, and to quickly get feedback as we make this (DMLS) system rock solid.”

Z.F., Engineering Manager, Turbine Engine Producer

“As a GE Product Quality Engineer, I’ve been extremely happy with the Level 3 Inspection reports I’ve been receiving from my vendors.The speed to completion, thorough nature of the reporting and data accuracy is second to none.To me, Level 3 Inspection is setting the new standard for outsourced inspection services.”

M.K., Product Quality Engineer, GE

“I’m very happy with the reports from Level 3 Inspection. They are very useful when combined with S500 drawing when dispositioning MRB – one can search the report (PDF file) for a given characteristic for more details – very useful.”

M. P., Design Engineer, GE Aviation US

“Speaking as the guy who would have gotten crushed by this project had Level 3 not taken it on, I would like to personally say: “thank you and well done!” Impressive turn-around and beyond what I could have accomplished here.”

C.C., CMM Lead, Aerospace Foundry

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