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FDA’s Five Year Plan: Doing More with Less

The FDA recently unveiled its Strategic Priorities 2011-2015.

How will the next five years’ goals and objectives affect you?

Everybody’s operating under a tighter budget these days.  “Lean government” has become a buzzword.  Even the politicians finally seem to have noticed lean processes that manufacturers have been studying and implementing for decades.

The FDA has noticed, too.

To serve the FDA’s objectives of efficiency, consistency and effectiveness, industry is being asked to revisit the way that processes are developed and documented — standardizing the enormous amounts of product data that manufacturers send in.  Ever more responsibility is shifting to the medical device industry to track data on its outsourced supplies.

With accurate and comprehensive computer-aided inspection (CAI) you can satisfy regulators by recording and documenting every surface data point and every extracted dimension for future reference — while cutting iterations, months, and millions of dollars from the process development schedule.

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