L3-500A5 - Level 3 Inspection


21st Century Measurement Technology Turnkey Systems

5 Axis Robotic WLS System

  • Scanner Adaptability: Universal
  • Orientation: Left-hand or right-hand configurations
  • Arm Radius: 375mm
  • X/Y Axes Travel: 400mm each
  • Vertical Z Axis (Elevator) Travel: 300mm
  • Rotational Axis: 360° continuous
  • Table Diameter: 500mm
  • System Weight (without camera): 750 lbs
  • Table Payload Capacity: 500 lbs standard, 1000 lbs optional
  • Camera Weights: Up to 50 lbs
  • Electrical: 110-120V/20 Amp max./1φ/50-60Hz AC

  • Robust, simple, cost effective robotic design
  • Rapid setup, designed for shop floor portability
  • Exclusive inward-looking, semi-spherical scanning envelope: true line of-sight
  • “Teach-Pendent” programmability streamlines repetitive parts inspection
  • Automated scan patch registration—no need for closed-loop feedback
  • Rapid 3D scanning of complex surface geometries
  • Improves the reproducibility of any scanning instrument
  • Complete Turnkey Systems Available
  • 5 Axis Robot
  • White Light Scanner or your choice
  • Custom configured hardware and software

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