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L3I 2011 Value Proposition (Medical Device Industry II)

2011 promises to be a watershed year in orthopedics.

Who will revolutionize the industry…
…and who will be racing to catch up?

The future is here.
Who will lead?

Spurred on by renewed hope for steady growth in U.S. manufacturing in 2011, and keen to snap up lucrative contracts in the rapidly evolving medical device market, manufacturers find themselves in a race for technological advantage.  In this industry, time is money, and process is time!

Pulling from decades of collective experience, Level 3 Inspection (L3I) has the proven expertise to apply Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) at every appropriate stage.  By reducing Time to Market (TTM), L3I can enable companies not only to save months and potentially millions of dollars, but secure a lasting edge over their competitors.

Value Proposition:
An Outcome-Based Partnership

L3I is proposing an outcome-based partnership, for a share of the savings that your firm actually realizes over its next new product’s lifecycle, utilizing our expertise.

With whom at your firm should we be discussing such a value proposition?


Thought Leaders

L3I cut its teeth in aerospace, and has become widely recognized as a thought leader in CAI-facilitated design.  We’re fully cognizant of the medical device industry’s need for ultra-accurate, reliable, cost-effective and fast metrology.  We stand ready to partner with your firm in strategic cooperation, allowing you to:

  • Reduce time to market for new products by 25-50%
  • Reduce revision time for existing products by 55-85%
  • Reduce overall legal costs by reimagining industry standards for safety, reliability, service life and durability
  • Reduce specific liability in litigation by proving correct fit, form and functionality of allegedly faulty parts
  • Streamline regulatory compliance saving time, money and headaches
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