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L3I Unveils Time-To-Market Outcome Based Partnership

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Process Optimization with TTM Reduction for Better Parts, Faster.
L3I Unveils Time-To-Market Outcome Based Partnership (OBP)

WARSAW, Ind., August 9, 2011 — Level 3 Inspection LLC (L3I), an ISO 9001, AS9100 and AAAM 44.9 certified process engineering and dimensional inspection firm, has announced a 21st-Century Outcome Based Partnership (OBP) hybrid business model based on proven time-to-market (TTM) savings.
In competitive precision industries like medical devices, aerospace and industrial gas turbine (IGT) engines for power generation, each day’s delay in TTM can cost the manufacturer hundreds of thousands or, in extreme cases, millions of dollars.  Faster product development and revision yields both short-term savings and long-term first-mover market advantage.
Long known for professional contract-based metrology and advanced dimensional inspection reports on quick turnaround, L3I is now offering comprehensive OBP-based process optimization services to help its precision manufacturing clients reduce TTM and roll out innovations sooner than their competitors.
Based on decades of expertise in applying the latest inspection and process-control tools to stubborn engineering and product development problems, L3I examines the entire development life cycle.  L3I’s direct and comprehensive problem-solving approach weighs structural flaws against the short-term and long-term bottom lines, identifies extraneous process iterations, and recommends time- and cost-cutting solutions.
“Our top orthopedic and aerospace clients are renowned in their markets for innovation,” said L3I CEO, Bill Greene.  “They’ve accomplished this in large part through a TTM advantage – they’re able to introduce the latest innovative technologies and practices ahead of the competition.”
To ease the transition for companies that are unaccustomed to the process optimization advantage that can be gained from computer-aided inspection, L3I is offering zero-money-down OBP’s.  Per agreement, L3I becomes a strategic ally, paid a share of time and cost savings due to TTM process optimization only after such savings have been demonstrated.
“Studies have proved that L3I’s system and method of inspection for implants is as accurate or better than our CMM’s. Since the white light scanning processes have the required accuracy and can cover so much more of the feature surface, their data is a more accurate representation of true size and form.” –  Metrology Director, Orthopaedic OEM
Further information can be obtained at 561-775-7911 or sales@level3inspection.com.
About the companies:
Founded in 2008, L3I has become the world leader in WLS and CAI dimensional inspection services. Our background serving the biggest names in aerospace and medical device manufacturing gives us an unrivaled understanding of dimensional fit against geometric form according to print and functional requirements. Learn more at www.level3inspection.com.
Smart Inspection Systems LLC was born in 2010 in response to orthopaedic manufacturers’ demands for faster inspection than their sister industries. Our flagship product, the SiS™, is an automated turnkey inspection solution that yields comprehensive visual reports with complete geometric form and dimensional pass/fail in just minutes. The SiS™ is custom-configured per the client’s needs, yet versatile enough for simultaneous use on multiple product lines. Learn more at www.smartinspectionsystems.com.
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