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Orthopedic Myth #1 — “CMM’s are the best inspection tool on the market!”

Level 3 Inspection:
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The Smart Inspection Station™ (SiS™) is completely configurable for accurate, comprehensive, fast and automated dimensional inspection of precision manufactured parts.  Let the L3I engineers address your needs and design a solution for your application.

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Myths Debunked

Most orthopedic companies have yet to catch onto the successes now enjoyed by other precision manufacturers, but are still wasting too much time and money on obsolete 20th Century inspection methods and equipment.

Whichever orthopedic companies are the earliest to adopt 21st Century methods will gain enormous advantage and likely come to dominate this industry, as we have seen in other industries.

Over the next few weeks, Level 3 Inspection will release a series of educational emails meant to address a few of the cherished myths and assumptions that have kept the industry in the comfortable past — till now.

Myth #1

“CMM’s are the best inspection tool on the market!”

The Truth

CMM’s are all too common in orthopedics … but they’re no longer the best option.

CMM’s Mislead You!

A CMM’s accuracy depends on at least three factors — repeatable fixturing properly used, diligent operator experience, and reliable sequence programming — any of which can introduce or compound errors.  Moreover, CMM’s generally collect far too few measurement points to provide discernible surface profiles and are not generally easy to confidently interpret.  Instead of fully visualized surface profiles, CMM’s produce tabulated data from a relatively small number of test points, from which it’s impossible to reliably discern meaningful shapes and patterns.

3D surface digitization through White Light Scanning (WLS), when correctly implemented, overcomes all of these problems. When followed by Computer Aided Inspection (CAI), it offers a wide spectrum of tangible advantages to any manufacturing process, including visualization of entire part geometry for greater understanding, with accuracy, comprehensiveness, automation, and speed.

White Light Scanning (WLS) Is Now Fast and Automated!

Traditionally, white light scanners have required years of experience in order to yield useful data.  Many precision manufacturers have spent substantial capital on WLS equipment that does not provide the results, understanding and confidence they sought to gain. Expertise in this new field provides tremendous advantages.

With the SiS™, the CAI industry leaders at L3I have brought their decades of application experience to bear on this problem.  For the first time, WLS and CAI reports containing thorough, accurate and useful 3D digitized surface plots can be generated in just minutes by an in-house shop-floor technician with minimal training. The inspection process variables have been systemized and automated, for speed and confidence.

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