Press Release – OrthoTec 2011 - Level 3 Inspection

Press Release – OrthoTec 2011

Level 3 Inspection Unveils Turnkey Smart Inspection System™ at OrthoTec 2011
WARSAW, Ind., May 12, 2011 — Level 3 Inspection LLC (L3I) of Florida and Indiana, an ISO 9001, AS9100 and AAAM 44.9:OI/OS certified process engineering and dimensional inspection firm, has announced that the Smart Inspection Station™ (SiS™) will be unveiled at the OrthoTec exposition in Winona Lake, Indiana May 24, 2011.
Long known for its professional metrology services and advanced dimensional inspection reports on quick turnaround, L3I has just expanded with a turnkey solutions division, Smart Inspection Systems LLC, to customconfigure and implement modern inspection systems directly in orthopaedic and other precision manufacturers’ facilities, so manufacturers can obtain needed inspection results in minutes.
“We’ve been listening intently to what our clients want in order to adopt this 21st Century measurement and inspection technology,” said L3I CEO, Bill Greene. “The SIS™ is the culmination of our 11 years’ experience with these technologies. With its configuration options, ease, speed and automation, it’s an ideal platform for shop floor precision parts inspection.”
The SiS™ is an easy-to-use White Light Scanning (WLS) and Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) system that orthopaedic and other precision manufacturers can install practically anywhere in their operations. It uses fringe-light patterns to digitize the surfaces of orthopaedic implants and other precision manufactured parts, automatically generating full PDF inspection reports with minimal operator input and personnel training.
WLS provides a thorough understanding of geometric form, with millions of data points across the surface. “Studies have proved that [L3I’s] system and method of inspection for implants is as accurate or better than our CMM’s. Since the white light scanning processes have the required accuracy and can cover so much more of the feature surface, their data is a more accurate representation of … true size and form.” – Metrology Director, Orthopaedic OEM
Measurement Systems Evaluations (MSE) and Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) studies have consistently demonstrated measurement accuracies of 0.000040”. These reports are available upon request.
Although the SiS™ is fully transportable and able to withstand the rigors of shop floor deployment, L3I will shuttle participants between the OrthoTec expo and its central Warsaw configuration laboratory for scheduled 15-minute demonstrations on May 24th and 25th. Transportation and refreshments will be provided.
Further information can be obtained at 561-775-7911 or
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