Automation - Level 3 Inspection


ATOS Professional programming (data collection)

GomInspect Professional programming (data analysis)

Kiosk Mode programming (execution of data collection and analysis)

Scanbox linking

Automated surface prep station

3D Scanning Programming – automation for data collection

  1. Scan shot coverage
  2. Scan routine motion & time efficiency
  3. Scan shot merging process (parallel or serial, same or separate computer)
  4. Scan files management & storage strategy

Dimensional Inspection Process & PN Programs – automation for dimensional analysis

  1. Current methods of ballooning blueprints, generating reports (L3I Dimensions)
  2. Current methods of performing analysis (GOM Inspect or Geomagic)
  3. Scan and Dimensional data management (look for cut and paste, errors induction)
    1. Potential solution: L3I Dimensions

End-to-End Automated Integration of 3DS & CAI Operation

  1. Software licenses adequate count and versions
  2. Python script library & custom python scripting for repetitive tasks
  3. Computer capabilities – adequate ‘horsepower’
  4. Document & Evaluate: How is process done now?
  5. Process optimization & best practices
  6. Streamline workflow