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Problem Solving – Engineering Services

Sometimes the most complex problems have the simplest solutions. Due to complex geometry and the lack of a CAD model our customer’s recent impeller rotational balance problem seemed pretty complex. Level 3 Inspection found a simple solution to this problem that did not require a CAD model and saved the customer time and money, all while improving product quality and time to market.

The key component for Level 3 Inspection 3D Scanning combined with Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) software that enables them to perform a complete inspection of every type of shape and feature that characterizes an object, saving time and increasing inspection accuracy.

Although the benefits of 3D Scanning and CAI are sometimes difficult to quantify by numbers, they are nonetheless concrete. 3D Scanning and CAI has allowed Level 3 Inspection to see foundry process variation that could not be seen previously because of the complex geometries required for hydraulic designs. Level 3 Inspection can also ‘see through’ the complexity of the pattern tooling, and the sheer number of factors that influence foundry operations. With 3D Scanning and CAI, our customers can focus efforts on the factors that directly influence the quality of their castings.