Services Offering - Level 3 Inspection

Services Offering

L3I Services Offering

  • Digitizing
    1. 3D Scanning (3DS) (send us parts, or we’ll scan them at your plant)
    2. Telemetrology (send us your 3DS scan files for fast analysis/reporting)
    3. Smart Surface Prep
  • Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) deliverables
    1. Colorplots
    2. Dimensional Analysis
    3. Problem Solving
    4. First Article Inspections (Layouts)
    5. Statistical Studies
    6. Drawing Itemization
  • Consulting
    1. Where, what, & how to use 3DS & CAI
    2. Inspection process optimization
    3. Robotic inspection cell spec out and stand up
    4. Consolidation of inspection assets
    5. Streamline inspection workflow
    6. Part fixture design (CAD Fixture models for specific parts/types)
    7. Part fixture building (Actual fixtures built to your spec or our design)
  • Automation
    1. ATOS Professional programming (data collection)
    2. GomInspect Professional programming (data analysis)
    3. Kiosk Mode programming (execution of data collection and analysis)
    4. Scanbox linking
    5. Automated surface prep station
  • Custom Software
    1. Balloons™ (Drawing itemization)
      1. Specific Importers for Balloons
    2. Reports™ (AS9102, eCav, NetInspect)
      1. Data import for most inspection softwares
      2. Industry specific report templates (custom report development)
    3. Custom scripting
  • Training, Support, Maintenance
    1. Hardware (3DS, Robotics, Visual Supercomputers, Files Management & Storage)
    2. Software (Scanning, Analysis, Reporting, Integration to SPC)
    3. Processes
    4. Scripts library licensing

L3I Business Models

  1. Advanced CAI Lab: send us your parts – we scan & return them, then issue inspection and analysis reports, over secure network
  2. Telemetrology™: send us your 3DS scan files for fast analysis/reporting
  3. Colocation: our 3DS hardware & software, with trained personnel lab in your facility
  4. Programming Automation: for 3DS & CAI technologies & processes
  5. Consulting: all aspects of your inspection processes
  6. American Association of Advanced Metrology: testing/certification for systems & technicians
  7. Long Term Services Agreements: for any services or combination, incl. production inspection
  8. Hardware and accessories: Aerosol Smart Surface Prep™, Fixture kits, automated prep station
  9. Licensing of Patents: Smart Surface Preparation™