Services Offering - Level 3 Inspection

Services Offering

What We Do – Our Services

Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) Layout Services

  • First Article Inspections (Full AS9100 Requirements, AS9102 Forms)
  • Periodic Inspections (PSIP, RVD, etc.) – Any SOW
  • Statistical Studies: Trend Analysis, Probability Studies
  • Production Inspection (No Production Rate Limits)
  • Problem Solving: Precision Manufacturing, Part Fit, Arbitration, etc.
  • Digital Blueprint Itemization

CAI Process Development

  • Total Support of your 3D Scanning (3DS) & CAI Systems
  • Dimensions™ Software Suite for Ballooning and Reporting
  • Dashboard™: Inspection Tracking and File Management
  • Scripting for Scanning & Inspection Processes

Manufacturing & Inspection Process Optimization

  • Precision Manufacturing Throughput & Yield Improvement
  • Precision Inspection for Statistical Process Control
  • Acceleration & Consulting, How & Where to Use CAI
  • Part Number Programming, Sequence Automation, Process Integration

Training, Support, Maintenance

  • Hardware (Scanning, Fixture Design, File Storage, Processing)
  • Software (Scanning, Analysis, Reporting, Integration to SPC)
  • Software Applications & Processes
  • Scripts Library Licensing

How We Do It – Our Solutions

L3I’s CAI Lab – Send us your parts

  • Simple logistics. Small to medium parts, Small to moderate sample sets.

Tele-metrology™ – Send us your scan files

  • Leverage your scanning technology with our analysis expertise. Size/quantity independent.

Co-location – Our lab in your plant

  • Our technology & staff in your facility. Great for high volume, bulky/fragile parts, real-time results.

Long Term Services Agreements – Parts volume-driven price breaks

  • Any services, production parts inspection, Part Life Inspection Program.

Patent Licensing – Leverage our domain expertise

  • Smart Surface Preparation™ (SSP), Smart Inspection Station™ (SIS) international intellectual property.

American Association of Advanced Metrology – Independently proven proficiency

  • Testing/certification for systems, processes, & technicians.