Accessories Offered - Level 3 Inspection

Accessories Offered

Optical Metrology Fixture Kit

The kit design and configuration allows individual components to be multi-tasked and combined into an unlimited variety of fixture setups for a wide range of part types. Custom printed fixtures are also available.

Part Preparation Station

The Part Preparation Station includes hands free heat and part rotation allowing prep application to happen quickly and evenly. The system eliminates the need to use uneven aerosol propelled prep agents with a non toxic atomized solution that will dull the parts surface without adding any dimensional variances. This self-contained unit is easily transportable and can be used almost anywhere.

Surface Dulling Agent

Patent Pending Preparation Solution for application on parts to be scanned. Reduces shine-back due to highly polished parts allowing for more accurate data collection. This solution is best used in combination with the Automated Preparation Station.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Unit

Ultrasonic designs a robust bench top cleaner and generator system for a wide array of today’s customers with precision cleaning needs. We provide an easy-to-use system to remove preparation solution, dirt, and other contaminants from the part before and after SiS engineering.

Custom Fixtures

Custom workholding fixtures, manufactured to your specifications or designed by our team.


We sell the sort of purpose-built, top-of-the-line computers that we use to analyze large amounts of data.

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