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The Future of Inspection, Part 3: Archiveable

Integrating 21st century metrology into FDA-mandated quality systems provides many benefits.  Here are just a few…
Along with tamper-resistance, Structured Light Metrology (SLM)-based data are highly traceable.  When every step in manufacturing can be linked to a comprehensive dimensional inspection process, metrology loses its anonymity.

In this series, we’ve already discussed the archiveability and auditability of Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) -based inspection.  Gauge R&R studies demonstrate that CAI incorporates minimal operator-dependent error.

Modern CAI practices allow manufacturers to trace measurements to a precise date, time, and employee.  This results in a new level of accountability for engineering data.

Even better, CAI makes it possible to trace failures to their root causes quickly and effectively.  When manufacturers are able to find the cause of process failures quickly, they can alter their processes equally quickly – saving time and money.

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