The PW 6078 Spec Challenge - Level 3 Inspection

The PW 6078 Spec Challenge

The PW 6078 Spec

Pratt & Whitney, as many know, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines.  With over 13,000 large commercial engines installed and over 6,500 military engines in service today, Pratt’s innovations in power-plant design continue to set the pace for progress in aviation.  They achieved that rank through intense attention to detail, hard work, and dedication to quality and performance.
One of the best and most rigorous examples of that commitment to quality for their innovative engines is the PW-QA 6078 specification.  This 57-page specification painstakingly defines the quality control requirements of P&W suppliers of a wide variety of parts, including but not limited to Castings, Forgings, and Sonic Configuration Parts.  It defines inspection scope, testing methods, quantity requirements, and much more, and is one of the most critical pieces for a supplier when having parts accepted for purchase.
Interpreting and implementing such a complicated document costs both time and money, and takes real expertise to get it right.  It’s updated quarterly, and  its revision list alone is 134 pages long . Furthermore, getting it wrong can easily overwhelm in-house departments with backlogs, costing unnecessary rework and go-backs, and halt revenue collection for supplier firms.  Does your in-house layout department have the expertise necessary?  That’s a risk we don’t think anyone should have to take.
Level 3 Inspection has over 30 combined years of professional experience developing and producing quality inspection layouts falling under the PW 6078 Specification.   Using cutting-edge, validated metrology technology and processes, our seasoned technicians and engineers can collect and analyze data fast, and compile comprehensive, accurate reports ready to go directly to your P&W SQR.  Let us solve all your inspection needs.
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