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Two Week Layouts!

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Two Week Layouts!
Level 3 Speed
Level 3 Inspection is prepared to deliver complete “OEM Ready” dimensional quality inspection layouts in just 2 weeks or less for external inspections and repeat part numbers. For internal inspections and new part numbers we will deliver in 3 weeks the first time, then 2 weeks for repeats. It makes good business sense for your manufacturing operations to use our capabilities and capacity to get throughput for delivery, overcome backlogs in inspection, and accelerate profits.
How do we provide such fast turnaround on our comprehensive inspections?
  1. We are bigger than you may think with 15 dedicated professionals who are true “Master Practitioners” in Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) from high-accuracy 3D scanning for your precision parts.
  2. We have depth of expertise in your product design, manufacturing process, blueprint interpretation and standards, as well as your customers’ specifications, based on delivering these results for over a decade in many markets, and ever since we introduced it in newer markets. We literally ‘wrote the book’ in most cases and can apply this expertise to getting your projects done fast and right.
  3. We have developed and highly utilize task automation of the 3D scanning, dimensional inspections setup and scan files processing, reports generation and all of the steps in our advanced CAI process, which yield such superior results that most of our customers keep coming back for repeat projects.
  4. We understand what is important to your business, and want to help you get it with our capabilities. We are working together as true partners with the desire to earn more of your confidence and business.
Call us today, or email to have us quote your dimensional inspection projects and start to deliver our fast results. Your customers will appreciate the quicker delivery.
Florida Company to Watch
Join L3I (and Florida Governor, Rick Scott) as we are being honored at theFlorida Company To Watch Awards Dinner on October 23rd in Orlando, FL
Level 3 Inspection’s CAI process and advanced layout results are readily accepted by the following global OEMs:

✓  Pratt & Whitney
✓  GE Aviation
✓  Snecma
✓  Rolls-Royce Aviation
✓  Siemens
✓  Zimmer
✓  Biomet
✓  Medtronic
✓  Honeywell
✓  Solar Turbine

Smart Inspection Station™ Performs Production Inspectionsfaster than any other system … GUARANTEED!
Smart Inspection StationAs you read above, one of the ways we deliver such fast layout turnaround is using our own patent-pending Smart Inspection Station™ to speed our inspection processes. We have won several-hundred-piece production inspection projects which we are delivering in 24-hours toSmart Inspection Station Logothe delight of our clients.

Additionally, we have successful client implementations of the SiS™ which are now into production inspection at the manufacturing site performing as specified, completing comprehensive Computer Aided Inspection routines on production parts in 7-15 minutes, even to custom CAD model reference files.

We’re using what we recommend and are realizing the benefits both in our CAI lab as well as in-house at clients’ facilities. Either way, wherever you want it, ‘We sell speed!”. 

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