Where's the ROI? - Level 3 Inspection

Where’s the ROI?

Many people are concerned about getting a return on investment from advanced inspection services and automated systems. 

The ROI is there, you just have to know where to look… Below are some examples of how to maximize the ROI of 3D scanning and Computer Aided Inspection.

ROI in Development Cycle

  • Be the first to market
  • Find and fix problems to root cause with fewer iterations.
  • Use SmartCompare to identify “areas to watch” make smarter, shorter CMM programs
  • Refine forgings to be closer to near net
  • Balance scant Forgings so that they clean up at machining
  • Scan molds and dies as insurance and a “first look” at potential problem areas
  • Simplified product definition (PMI)
  • Reverse engineering

ROI in production

  • Get parts to market faster
  • Solve problem parts/fits
  • Lower high scrap rate parts
  • Keep bad parts out of the supply chain by driving CAI upstream in the process
  • Refine and shorten CMM plans
  • Scan 1/1000 parts for trending and die wear indications
  • Scan tooling
  • Implement design changes in a single iteration
  • Reverse engineering


  • Prove out design improvements faster with tangible data to back it up
  • Demonstrate better consistency through better data
  • Demonstrate streamlined quality process that drives confidence
  • Find and fix problems faster with better evidence

Overall business improvements

  • Write a spec for adoption and use of CAI with source selection criteria
  • Standardization of inspection practices, internal and external
  • Standardization of inspection results, internal and external
  • “Smart” data with the ability to trend over time
  • Repository of scan data for further analysis.
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