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Your Source For Vendor Qualification

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Verify Your Supply Chain Vendors

It’s a global parts market.  As a leading precision manufacturer, you have hundreds of suppliers (in the United States and beyond) to choose from for your outsourced parts.  But in a competitive and high-stakes industry, in which tolerances can be as minute as a few ten-thousandths of an inch, it’s critical that supply-chain parts be faithful to model and print.

The supply chain is a cost-effective source of small or simple parts, but quality assurance is an ongoing challenge.  Trial-and-error verification of every new supplier is an expensive proposition.

So how can you be confident in your stream of supply chain parts, without breaking the bank and wasting valuable time?

Fast & Economical

Avail yourself of fast, modern, and economical Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) by a credentialed, independent and impartial third party.  Level 3 Inspection is an ISO 9000, AS 9100 and AAAM 44.9 certified engineering and inspection firm, and is among the world’s most competent practitioners of White Light Scanning (WLS)-based CAI.
In addition to contract inspection solutions, we also offer custom-configured systems.  Learn about our SmartInspectionStation™ (SiS™) by watching our YouTube video.

Objective Data, Smartly Managed

By coupling accurate and comprehensive surface scans with intelligent postprocessing, we can provide an objective, clear, and easy-to-understand index of part data, helping you choose quickly and easily from between part suppliers. And by tracing, tracking and trending the data over time, we’ll help you sustain a reliable supply of reliable parts – inexpensively!
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