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Press Release – ISO9001-AS100 Certifications

Press Release
Level 3 Inspection Achieves 100% Compliance In ISO 9001 & AS 9100 Certification
Jupiter, FL, USA — January 28, 2009 — Level 3 Inspection LLC (L3I) is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the Quality Management System (QMS) development by meeting or exceeding all of the requirements for ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 Certification under the rules of the aerospace standard. L3I passed their ISO/AS audit with 100% compliance and zero non-compliance issues.
Starting in May of 2008, Vice President of Operations, Scott McAfee led the creation, organization and refinement of the comprehensive QMS documentation for procedures and processes that covered the entire L3I business. McAfee elected to create the company’s QMS system completely online, for universal access to support, ease of editing and use, with proper login security.
In October, the company met their auditor to review the completeness, correctness, and compliance of the original QMS documentation system. After several weeks of work, including with an ISO and AS conformance consultant, L3I’s management team, led by McAfee, finished the rest of the tasks and held their annual management meeting to review both the QMS system and the actual documented results from implemented procedures.
In late December 2008, the final audit was performed over the course of the two-day comprehensive evaluation. The company, its QMS system, and it’s implementation/usage of the system, all received the 100% compliance rating.
“This world-class international quality standard was important for our immediate business expansion plans,” said Bill Greene, Vice President of Business Development. “There are some prospects and clients in the aerospace industry that require the ISO certification in order to qualify to engage in business. We wanted to exceed that standard and get our AS certification while we were at it, since this market is so properly conscientious.” continued Mr. Greene.
Once issued by the audit review committee, L3I’s certificates will be posted on their web site, www.level3inspection.com along with the compliment of their other qualifications and certifications for excellence in performing their dimensional and geometric inspection services business. Further background on the company, its professional technical services, and it’s leadership role in the field of White Light Scanning (WLS) and Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) are also available on the company’s web site or by calling 888-4AS-9102 x102.
Bill Greene
Founder, Vice President Business Development
Level 3 Inspection LLC
E: bill@level3inspection.com
T: 561.775.7911