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Dimensional Inspection Layouts with our Colocation Service


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Level 3 Colocation


Level 3 Inspection has announced a new colocation service, as an alternative to outsourcing inspections or purchasing systems.

Long respected for advanced dimensional inspection and accelerated process optimization, L3I’s new colocation service will help you reduce Time To Market and roll out innovations sooner than your competitors — with a monthly service contract for technology, systems, processes, complete with operator.

✓  No logisitics – parts stay in your plant
✓  No long lead times – answers in minutes for parts that are programmed
✓  No Risk – we provide turnkey inspection resource, no training, learning curve, software, etc. risks
✓  No Capital Expenditures – solution under services contract with minimum term.

Each day’s delay in TTM can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, trimming just a few weeks from a months-long development program can save substantial money and restore first-mover market advantage.

Get Dimensional inspections answers in minutes, not weeks or months, with our Computer Aided Inspection Lab and technician in your factory.

“We’ve got decades of experience in solving vexing engineering problems,” said L3I’s CEO, Bill Greene. “We eliminate our customers’ extraneous iterations and use ten thousand times more information to solve precision manufacturing process problems, saving both time and money.”

Call us today for an estimate 888-427-9102 x 102 or email Bill Greene.

Level 3 Inspection recently received an order from major precision parts manufacturer for this colocation business arrangement. Might it work for your enterprise?



Smart Inspection Station Video

Watch an in action video of the automated, integrated Smart Inspection Station we use for parts inspection.


Value Promise: We help our clients make or buy better precision parts much faster, at lower cost, and with greater confidence. Ask us how.



Smart Inspection Station™ Performs Production Inspections faster than any other system … GUARANTEED!
Smart Inspection Station

Level 3 Inspection (L3I) is the industry leading service provider of Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) and dimensional layouts from high-accuracy 3D scanning. L3I hasinvested in their own Smart Inspection Station™ (SiS™) to meet the quick turnaround times needed for production jet engine parts inspection contracts, won based on the superior results and fast delivery.

Smart Inspection Station Logo

The patent-pending Smart Inspection Station™ (SiS™) was developed to meet the marketplace’s need for advanced CAI results in-house, at clients’ operations, for those precision manufacturers who prefer not to outsource dimensional inspections, primarily for lead times and/or proprietary information reasons.


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