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The Future of Inspection, Part 4: Trackable

Integrating 21st century metrology into FDA-mandated quality systems provides many benefits.  Here are just a few…
In this email series, we’ve discussed the archiveability, auditability, and traceability of Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) data for reference and accountability. We now add trackability to CAI’s list of superlatives.

Failure analysis is a tricky business. As a rule, systematic investigation is more effective and far less expensive than haphazard trial and error. The faster and more accurately manufacturers gather information, the faster and more accurately they can find root causes and understand the limits of their process capabilities – saving time and money.

Vast quantities of trackable data, available only through CAI, enable intelligent deductive analysis, providing quick and effective tracking from why-gate through why-gate. There is no longer any need (or excuse) for expensive, repetitive iterations.

Once data have been tracked and root causes found, process capability can be enhanced through specific production measurement plans. Visit or call us today to discuss the ways in which an in-house, traceable CAI system can suit your needs.

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