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Level 3 Inspection

Top Gun
It’s not just for Top Gun pilots any more.

Everywhere we are working with precision manufacturers these days, there is an urgent need for faster, much faster throughput. This includes faster throughput in dimensional quality inspection, both first article inspections and production inspection.
Everywhere we are engaged with our precision manufacturer clients, we are delivering vastly superior Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) Customer- Ready™ results, which OEMs welcome and prefer, and we are delivering them in a half to third of the time it takes to get lesser results out of the internal layout department and traditional inspection resources.  We have made some very big business impacts at a number of our clients, helping them perform on substantial programs to keep their customers happy.
We sell speed! Specifically, we provide superior dimensional quality inspection results faster than any other inspection method.
How do we do it? We are master practitioners of the most advanced 3D scanning and dimensional inspection technologies and tools which we have been using on demanding precision parts for over a decade. With this solid foundation of domain expertise, we have highly integrated and automated as much of the scanning and data processing as possible, because it is the fastest way to get consistently high quality CAI process results with minimal human input. 
Let us accelerate your product and business. Call us today for a quote, tell us when you need the results, and be prepared to be amazed at how well we can deliver with speed. 
Bill Greene

Bill Greene – CEO
3D Scanning & Computer Aided Inspection Master Practitioners
Metallurgical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers,
Precision Manufacturing Process Engineers

T: 772.405.7502

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