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FDA’s Five Year Plan: The Global Supply Chain

The FDA recently unveiled its Strategic Priorities 2011-2015.
How will the next five years’ goals and objectives affect you?
As the orthopaedic supply chain globalizes, assuring quality parts is becoming more and more the responsibility of the OEM’s.  In a competitive and high-stakes industry, in which tolerances can be as minute as a few ten-thousandths of an inch, it’s critical that supply-chain parts be faithful to model and print – and more and more the FDA is leaving that responsibility in the hands of manufacturers.

Supplier rating gets more and more complicated as bids come in from vendors across several continents.  The FDA is forcing the industry to identify and control supplier risk. Trial-and-error verification is a prohibitively expensive proposition, but a failure of compliance would be catastrophic.

Accurate and comprehensive computer-aided inspection (CAI) can restore your confidence in the stream of supply chain parts, without breaking the bank and wasting valuable time.

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