Orthopedic Myth #2 - "White light scanning isn't reliable." - Level 3 Inspection

Orthopedic Myth #2 — “White light scanning isn’t reliable.”

Level 3 Inspection:
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The Smart Inspection Station™ (SiS™) is completely configurable for accurate, comprehensive, fast and automated dimensional inspection of precision manufactured parts.  Let the L3I engineers address your needs and design a solution for your application.

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Myths Debunked

Most orthopedic companies have yet to catch onto the successes now enjoyed by other precision manufacturers, and are still wasting too much time and money on obsolete 20th-century inspection methods and equipment.

Whichever orthopedic companies are the earliest to adopt modern 21st-century quality inspection methods will gain enormous advantage and likely come to dominate this industry, as we have seen in other industries.

Over the next few weeks, Level 3 Inspection will release a series of educational emails meant to address a few of the cherished myths and assumptions that have kept the industry in the comfortable past — till now.

Myth #2

“White light scanning isn’t reliable.”

The Truth
True 3D WLS surface digitization with adequately high resolution is exceptionally reliable and repeatable, but it is not generic.

The Deception

Recently, less scrupulous manufacturers have attempted to offer a CMM mounted with a 2D camera as a “white light scanner”. Yes, the flash is white, but the device doesn’t provide real 3D surface digitization — especially not to adequate data density for high-precision 3D inspection.

True 3D surface digitization captures millions of accurate data points of the entire part surface in mere minutes, and provides a highly-intuitive visualization that reveals a wealth of information about part form, fit and function.  Further Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) from true 3D WLS has proven to be the most beneficial precision dimensional inspection method, from simple form check to comprehensive dimensional layout, especially for complex geometries.

For proof that CAI using WLS is both reliable and repeatable, see our Gauge R&R Study report.  We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Paradigm Shift

Level 3 Inspection is proud to introduce the revolutionary Smart Inspection Station™.  The accuracy and comprehensiveness of WLS and CAI is now fast and automated.

The SiS™ is designed for the rigorous conditions of a manufacturing shop floor, is flexible and capable of simple PASS/FAIL production inspections as well as complete thorough FAIs, and can be relocated throughout your operation.  Watch our three-minute video.

The experienced professional staff at L3I’s  CAI Configuration Center in the industry heart of Warsaw, Indiana is prepared to help you select the proper components, identify the ideal settings,  and fine-tune your SIS™ configuration according to your specific application and operational requirements.

We’re here to help.  Learn more today.

Learn more today.

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