Press Release – Outcome Based Business Model - Level 3 Inspection

Press Release – Outcome Based Business Model

L3I Unveils Outcome Based Business Model

WARSAW, Ind., August 12, 2011 — Level 3 Inspection has announced an Outcome Based Partnership (OBP) hybrid business model based on vested interest partnership and proven time-to-market (TTM) savings. Long respected for advanced dimensional inspection and accelerated process optimization, L3I’s new OBP-based services are helping precision manufacturers reduce TTM and roll out innovations sooner than their competitors — at no front-end cost.

“Precision manufacturers look for any edge to get their products out faster,” said L3I’s COO, Scott McAfee. “We use our tools and expertise to save TTM. We save them millions!” Since each day’s delay in TTM can easily cost a manufacturer tens of thousands of dollars, trimming just a few weeks from a months-long development program can save substantial money and restore first-mover market advantage.

“We’ve got decades of experience in solving vexing engineering problems,” said L3I’s CEO, Bill Greene. “We eliminate our customers’ extraneous iterations and use tenthousand times more information to solve problems, save time and money.”

L3I is offering to become a strategic ally in a technology partnership with clients, to be compensated a share of time and cost savings due to TTM process optimization after such savings have been demonstrated.

“By requiring zero money down, we can prove our capabilities at no risk to the customer,” said Midwest Regional Manager Mark McAfee. “We don’t make a dime till we save you time!”

“Studies have proved that L3I’s system and method of inspection for implants is as accurate or better than our CMM’s. Since the white light scanning processes have the required accuracy and can cover so much more of the feature surface, their data is a more accurate representation of true size and form.” – Metrology Director, Orthopaedic OEM

Further information can be obtained at 561-775-7911 or

About the company:
Founded in 2008, Level 3 Inspection is an ISO 9001, AS9100 and AAAM 44.9 certified engineering firm. L3I is the world leader in WLS and CAI dimensional inspection services. Our background serving the biggest names in aerospace and medical devices provides us with an unrivaled understanding of dimensional fit against geometric form according to print and functional requirements. Learn more at

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