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The Future of Inspection, Part 2: Auditable

Integrating 21st century metrology into FDA-mandated quality systems provides many benefits.  Here are just a few…
Correct information technology practice and data validation are key to avoiding minor headaches during your self-audits … or living nightmares when FDA inspectors knock on your door.

Computer Aided Inspection (CAI) tools save comprehensive surface data, instantly.  Every Structured Light Metrolgy (SLM) scan clearly and precisely demonstrates a part’s (or thousands of parts’) dimensions at a given process stage.

By using checksums and digital signatures, you can make your CAI data immune from tampering.  Manufacturers are discovering that by securing CAI data into a database that cannot be changed once logged, they can have incontrovertible evidence of a watertight quality system.

For the first time, thanks to CAI, you can prove that every surface point of your product was within spec at every point during manufacturing, allowing you to quickly and incontrovertibly dispatch regulators’ questions.

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