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Top Cutting Tool Performance

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Top Cutting Tool Performance

Given the rise of global supply chain competition, along with the projected annual growth rate of 8-10% in the worldwide medical device industry market, U.S. medical device manufacturers must continue their course of innovation.  Best practices, though crystallized, must constantly be reevaluated and revised where appropriate.

With literally hundreds of suppliers across the United States capable of producing spinal and TJR instrumentation, competition for lucrative OEM contracts is fierce.  Implant success depends on a number of factors – among which are the size, depth, and position of the hole in the bone.

So how can you make sure that your broaches and reamers will perform to an exceptional standard?

FORM before FIT

Cutting tool quality is critical and can depend on accuracy and truth-to-form of only a few thousandths of an inch.  Nonstandard or unanticipated wear patterns can have catastrophic consequences.  You as a manufacturer deserve the peace of mind of knowing the full geometry of your tooling – and not merely a few key dimensions.
Gain the Confidence of the Entire Geometry

Overseas suppliers have demonstrated a great willingness to apply inspection methods based on geometric form, and some are beginning to pull ahead of American manufacturers.  Why risk losing the best supplier contracts to other manufacturers by taking a trial-and-error approach to tooling development?
A Call to Action

Given the precarious situation in which the medical device industry finds itself – opportunity in exploding overseas markets coupled with threats from overseas competitors – there’s never been a more critical time to reexamine cherished misconceptions about what constitutes a reasonable standard of speed and quality in tooling development.  First movers will dominate share in their product category – perhaps permanently.  Let’s work together that they may continue to be fellow Americans.

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