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What is Product Modernization™? (Medical Device Industry)

L3I is making a big splash in 2011 with the SiS.

Discover the full potential of WLS by trying Product Modernization™.

This isn’t
“reverse engineering”…

You might have had “reverse engineering” offers before.  But how do you know what you’re getting?
At best, you can contract a metrology company to subject your legacy part to inaccurate laser scans or dimensional spot checks with point scanners.  At worst, they might resort to series of subjective caliper checks — or even an arbitrary CMM program.

… it’s
Product Modernization™.

With Product Modernization™, Level 3 Inspection generate and validate a fully parametric, feature-based CAD model that takes into account the entire part surface based on true White Light Scan (WLS) data accurate to within 0.000004” (0.1 microns).
Why hire people with calipers?  L3I can make and validate a CAD model that you can trust … at lower overall investment.

Thought Leaders

We at L3I are among the best in the world at generating fully parametric feature-based CAD models from ultra-accurate white light scan data.  We cut our teeth in aerospace, and we’ve become widely recognized as a thought leader in CAI-facilitated design.  We’re fully cognizant of the medical device industry’s need for ultra-accurate, reliable, cost-effective and fast information.

Call an L3I engineer today at 1-888-4AS-9102 x121.  We stand ready to help you:

  • Generate accurate prints based on all avaliable surface data
  • Create functional models and/or assemblies based on thorough understanding of design intent
  • Fabricate new production tooling components
  • Reduce revision time for existing products by 55-85%
  • Streamline regulatory evaluations in your existing parts – saving time, money and headaches
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