WLS & CAI Applications In Orthopaedic Industry - Level 3 Inspection

WLS & CAI Applications In Orthopaedic Industry

Applications of White Light Scanning (WLS) & Computer Aided Inspection (CAI)
Ideas from Orthopaedic Industry Client Meetings, Projects & Discussions
Level 3 Inspection has pioneered the use of WLS and CAI technologies, combined with our component design and fabrication process expertise to deliver very advanced dimensional inspection capabilities. We are grateful for the variety of project opportunities we’ve received, and welcome any projects and all challenges to serve you.
Whenever we meet with clients we receive very enthusiastic suggestions about how our technologies and services can be used to solve problems. Several application ideas have been raised, and completed with rave reviews.
Biomedical and Orthopedic Parts we’ve successfully inspected:
  • Hip Stems
  • Hip Broaches
  • Acetabular Shells
  • Humeral Bearing Head – Shoulder
  • Complex Custom Screws
  • Foam Block Machine Tests
  • Knee/Femur Parts
  • Elbow Joints
  • Spinal Implants
  • Polymeric/Nylon Inserts
  • Wax Patterns
  • SLA Patterns
  • Cranial Drills
  • Tooth Implants (ceramic)
  • Device Components (bushings, extensions)
WLS & CAI Applications & Opportunities (examples not limitations)
  • Broach wear trending to show the rate of wear over usage life (& beyond)
  • CAD Model Creation – broach machining model, legacy parts, competitors parts, etc.
  • CNC Machine Program validation, new parts & legacy parts, with & without CAD models
  • FAI of Custom Implants & Joints
  • FAI of New Production runs, other parts of interest
  • Head Fragment Reconstruction
  • Investment Casting process inspection from tooling through FAI to Production Sampling
  • Instrument Services where some of vendors are delivering you less than perfect tools
  • Locking Feature Inspection
  • Parts & Tools that return from the field & need to be geometrically analyzed
  • Parts with Plasma-Deposition PA&HA coating – thickness measurement to show uniformity & deviation in the coating layer(s), surface finish calculation
  • Potted Hip Stems Alignment & Depth measurement
  • Production Tooling – direct wax die inspection for new acceptance or rework validation before you spend the time & investment to make castings
  • Statistical Process Control – Identifying the appropriate inspection schedule & sampling rate
  • Vendor comparison & Supply Chain Quality Problem Resolution
  • Absolutely anything where comprehensive & ultra-accurate surface digitization is important.
Level 3 Inspection offers technical services for proving out the application of these technologies and supporting developing an investment justification with actual results and financial benefit. Once the technical tools have been shown to have a business benefit, a WLS/CAI system can be specified, developed, proposed and implemented for your own use. We are structured to represent/resell, integrate, develop processes and file management solutions, train and support all of these technologies. We believe our 9+ years of parallel experience and expertise with these tools will serve you well. And we think the best way to get these applications proved out is to use our services to show the practicality they hold. Thanks in advance. We look forward to working with you.
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